Jul 2020
Who is My Neighbor?

Who is my neighbor? In Luke 10:25-37 Jesus teaches us how to be a more loving neighbor! Join us as our own Student Pastor, Taylor Duke unpacks the teachings in this chapter in the book of Luke....

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Feature images for Revelation sermon series
June 28, 2020


In Revelation 17-20, we read about the biggest lopsided victory in the history of everything! The forces of evil will rise up against the Lord but they will be no match. The battle is over...

Easter 2020
April 12, 2020

Easter 2020

Easter is the biggest day in the life of a Christian because we celebrate the most significant event in the world – the death and resurrection of Jesus! Join us today for this worldwide celebration!

Jonah's Prayer
February 16, 2020

Jonah’s Prayer

Have you ever run from God? Do you have trouble taking God at his word? Pastor Joe Williams looks at how Jonah ran out of room to run and discovered a fresh perspective on God’s...

Unchecked Sin
February 02, 2020

Unchecked Sin

In our pursuit of being completely aligned with God, there is one thing that can come along and knock you out of alignment so badly that you won’t even be able to see straight! But...

Light of the World
December 08, 2019

Light of the World

This Weekend we start a brand-new Christmas series called “A Light in the Darkness.” It’s a series about how Jesus himself is that light and guides the way out of the darkness of sin. Jesus...