Aug 2020
Our Enemy

At the end of the book of 1st Peter, there is a strong warning to the church about what to watch for during difficult days. Not only to be on guard, but how to overcome the danger. Join us today as we conclude our series, COVID and the Christian....

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Feature images for Revelation sermon series
June 28, 2020


In Revelation 17-20, we read about the biggest lopsided victory in the history of everything! The forces of evil will rise up against the Lord but they will be no match. The battle is over...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
June 14, 2020

Mark of the Beast

What is the Mark of the Beast? What does it mean? Should I be worried, or is there more to the story? Join us today and find out as we continue our study through Revelation.

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
June 07, 2020

The Dragon

Why is staying the course as a follower of Christ so hard? It’s hard because we have an adversary that we cannot see who is evil to the core. In Revelation chapter 12 and 13,...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
May 24, 2020


⚠️ Warning! Warning! Warning! That is the message of the 7 trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9. The Lord is coming! Be ready! Join us today!

The Opposition
November 24, 2019

The Opposition

When you choose to be a collider, the spiritual war has begun! The Enemy will do everything he can to stop you. Join us today for another week of our COLLISION series as we unpack...