Jul 2020
Feature images for Revelation sermon series

We’ve reached the end of our adventure! In Revelation 22, John’s vision of the future comes to an end. Join us today as we unpack the final words of this vision and it’s implications for our very future!...

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Feature images for Revelation sermon series
May 03, 2020


Can you imagine what it would be like to get a personal letter from the risen Christ? That’s exactly what happened in Revelation 2 & 3. Seven churches receive a personal letter from Jesus about...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
April 19, 2020

Introduction to Revelation

The book of Revelation is a complicated book that would have been understood by people at the time it was written, but can be complicated for us to understand today. If we are not careful,...

Jesus Before Pilate
April 07, 2019

Jesus Before Pilate

What is truth? That is one of many questions that Pilate fires off to Jesus the day of his crucifixion. Their conversation has massive implications for us today.