Aug 2020
His Mission Endures

We are excited to hear from Jayson French, president of Christ in Youth (CIY)! Jayson has served on staff at CIY—one of our ministry partners—for the last 18 years. Fun fact: Jayson was pastor Joe’s youth pastor!...

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Not Alone!
March 29, 2020

Not Alone!

At no other point in human history have we had so much technology to stay connected to one another. God wired us to be connected, but technology is still not the same as being together...

Jonah's Prayer
February 16, 2020

Jonah’s Prayer

Have you ever run from God? Do you have trouble taking God at his word? Pastor Joe Williams looks at how Jonah ran out of room to run and discovered a fresh perspective on God’s...

Train Hard
October 13, 2019

Train Hard

Are you training yourself for something that will last past this life? Paul says training for Godliness lasts for eternity! Join us today as we learn from 1 Timothy 4!

When We Gather
September 22, 2019

When We Gather

What is at the heart of our worship? Is it “us” or “God?” The answer is God! However if we’re not careful, it can easily become about us. Join us today as we learn from...

Paul's Second Missionary Journey
July 21, 2019

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

After visiting a number of churches during his first missionary journey, Paul decided pay them a second visit to see how things were going. Things were going really well until Paul did something that impacted...

First Resistance
May 12, 2019

First Resistance

The church began with gusto! 3,000 converts on day one; being led by the Apostles in the great adventure of following Christ. However, in Acts 3 & 4, this courageous group of Christians will meet...