Oct 2020
For Such a Time as This

Many people say that, “God is in control” and, “God has a plan.” However, oftentimes our action speak otherwise. An old school faith knows that God is in control and God has a plan. God just might be calling us for such a time as this! Join us today as we learn about a woman in the Bible named Esther who was perfectly positioned by God, at just the right time, for His will to be done....

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Learns from the Past
October 04, 2020

Learns from the Past

Join us today as our very own Student Pastor Taylor Duke continues going through our current series, Old School. In today’s message we find out how we can learn from the past.

Going Public
September 27, 2020

Going Public

No one enjoys being “put on the spot,” or finding themselves in a difficult situation. But what happens when those situations arise because of our faith in the Lord? Do we cower and hide, or...