Sep 2020
Going Public

No one enjoys being “put on the spot,” or finding themselves in a difficult situation. But what happens when those situations arise because of our faith in the Lord? Do we cower and hide, or press forward with our public witness regardless of the circumstances? Join us today as we continue our Old School series and explore this exact situation in Daniel chapter 6....

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Doesn't Blend
September 20, 2020

Doesn’t Blend

What would you do if overnight every freedom you enjoy as an American was taken away? You could no longer worship God, or go to church, nor express what you believe. Hypothetical? Not for Shadrach,...

Jonah Obeyed
February 23, 2020

Jonah Obeyed

Do you like do-overs? Thankfully, God loves to give second chances! Pastor Joe talks about the transformation that resulted when God gave Jonah a second chance to follow his lead.

The Jonah in Us
February 09, 2020

The Jonah in Us

It is easy to criticize Jonah when we look at how he ran away from God, but when we look closely we find that we often share some of the same characteristics. Sometimes God will...