Nov 2019
Fight the Good Fight!

It is not easy to walk by faith and not by sight, or to navigate a culture filled with materialism and selfishness. It is a daily battle filled with wins and losses. It is a spiritual battle for our faith and for the church. The apostle Paul urged Timothy to fight this battle and the challenge is the same for us today....

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God's Household
October 06, 2019

God’s Household

What do you highly value? Don’t we usually assign the highest value to that which we really love? Did you know that God really loves the church; He really loves US and we are highly...

Jesus is for Everyone
June 23, 2019

Jesus is for Everyone

What is the definition of “Everyone”? Seems like a simple question. However, for the believers in Acts 10, it wasn’t so simple. Watch as we unpack one of the most amazing and church-changing moments in...

The Woman at the Well
January 27, 2019

The Woman at the Well

Pastor Joe talks about how Jesus was both God and human and how his love for people sometimes caused him to go against social norms.