May 2020
Feature images for Revelation sermon series

Where is God when we suffer? Why doesn’t God step in and keep His child from harm? Believe it or not, some of the most comforting and encouraging words in scripture about these questions are found in Revelation 6 and 7! Join us as we continue our exciting study through the book of Revelation!...

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Those Who are with Us
March 15, 2020

Those Who are with Us

Join us as Pastor Joe shares a special sermon in light of what our country is experiencing and the spiritual realities that bring peace in times of uncertainty.

Jonah's Anger
March 01, 2020

Jonah’s Anger

Misguided anger is a destructive force. Mainly it’s a self-destructive force. This is on full display in Jonah chapter 4. Join us today as we complete our Jonah series.

Walks with God
January 12, 2020

Walks with God

The wheels on your car and your walk with God have something in common: both can get out of alignment. Join us today for week 2 in our “Aligned” series as we study God’s word...