Aug 2020
His Mission Endures

We are excited to hear from Jayson French, president of Christ in Youth (CIY)! Jayson has served on staff at CIY—one of our ministry partners—for the last 18 years. Fun fact: Jayson was pastor Joe’s youth pastor!...

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While We Suffer
August 02, 2020

While We Suffer

In 1st Peter chapter 2 we learn that submission is the key ingredient needed to live an exemplary life for Christ. Our submission to Christ first shows that our actions are a part of God’s...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
May 10, 2020


In Revelation 4 and 5, we get to peek in on the greatest worship service ever recorded! God is on his throne and every ounce of creation is worshiping him. Knowing that God is still...