Jan 2020
First Importance

This is the time of year when many people make New Year’s resolutions. Whether that is to get in shape, or spend more time with people and less time on your smart phone; this is a great time to think about what is truly important. So what is truly important? More than anything, God wants you to be aligned with him. Join us today as we begin an exciting new series called ALIGNED!...

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Family of God
October 20, 2019

Family of God

The church is often referred to as family. How we interact as the family of God speaks more about our faith than just about anything else. Join us today as we unpack 1st Timothy chapter...

God's Household
October 06, 2019

God’s Household

What do you highly value? Don’t we usually assign the highest value to that which we really love? Did you know that God really loves the church; He really loves US and we are highly...