Jun 2020
Feature images for Revelation sermon series

In Revelation 17-20, we read about the biggest lopsided victory in the history of everything! The forces of evil will rise up against the Lord but they will be no match. The battle is over before it even started! We win! Join us today as we unpack these incredible victory chapters of the book of Revelation!...

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Feature images for Revelation sermon series
April 26, 2020

Face to Face with Jesus

What is your vision of Jesus? Is he wimpy or puny like we sometime see in artwork? Is he mild or timid like some portray him in movies?  That’s not at all what John sees...

Unchecked Sin
February 02, 2020

Unchecked Sin

In our pursuit of being completely aligned with God, there is one thing that can come along and knock you out of alignment so badly that you won’t even be able to see straight! But...