Nov 2019

Guest speaker Greg Hafer describes the amazing grace of God that not only saves us, but allows us to get in on what he is doing in the world right now....

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Family of God
October 20, 2019

Family of God

The church is often referred to as family. How we interact as the family of God speaks more about our faith than just about anything else. Join us today as we unpack 1st Timothy chapter...

Train Hard
October 13, 2019

Train Hard

Are you training yourself for something that will last past this life? Paul says training for Godliness lasts for eternity! Join us today as we learn from 1 Timothy 4!

God's Household
October 06, 2019

God’s Household

What do you highly value? Don’t we usually assign the highest value to that which we really love? Did you know that God really loves the church; He really loves US and we are highly...

A Noble Task
September 29, 2019

A Noble Task

No matter who you are or how you serve in the body of Christ, church leadership matters! Join us today as we unpack 1st Timothy 3!

Just the Beginning
September 08, 2019

Just the Beginning

The saying goes, “All good things must come to an end!” Well that’s true in most cases, but it’s certainly NOT true when it comes to the church! The book of Acts was just the...

Held in High Honor
August 18, 2019

Held in High Honor

At the end of Acts chapter 18, Paul finds himself home in the city of Antioch. It will not be long until Paul hits the road again on what’s will be his third and final...

Paul the Pastor
August 11, 2019

Paul the Pastor

In Acts 20, Paul is in a hurry to return to Jerusalem. On his way, he meets with the elders from Ephesus to say his goodbyes. In his farewell to the elders, there is a...

Paul's Second Missionary Journey
July 21, 2019

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

After visiting a number of churches during his first missionary journey, Paul decided pay them a second visit to see how things were going. Things were going really well until Paul did something that impacted...

By God's Grace
July 14, 2019

By God’s Grace

The Church was about 20 years old and some Jewish Christians began teaching that everyone needed to follow certain Jewish customs and keep the law of Moses to be accepted by God. Pastor Joe discusses...