Sep 2020
Going Public

No one enjoys being “put on the spot,” or finding themselves in a difficult situation. But what happens when those situations arise because of our faith in the Lord? Do we cower and hide, or press forward with our public witness regardless of the circumstances? Join us today as we continue our Old School series and explore this exact situation in Daniel chapter 6....

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Doesn't Blend
September 20, 2020

Doesn’t Blend

What would you do if overnight every freedom you enjoy as an American was taken away? You could no longer worship God, or go to church, nor express what you believe. Hypothetical? Not for Shadrach,...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
July 19, 2020

Come, Lord Jesus!

We’ve reached the end of our adventure! In Revelation 22, John’s vision of the future comes to an end. Join us today as we unpack the final words of this vision and it’s implications for...

Feature images for Revelation sermon series
May 31, 2020

Time, Times, and Half a Time

What is clear in the book of Revelation is that the return of Christ could come at any moment. What should the church be doing until that day comes? We should be proclaiming the good...

Fear Not
December 15, 2019

Fear Not

There are plenty of scary things “in this world” and “about our world.” But just because they are scary doesn’t mean that we are to be fearful. The arrival of Jesus into this world gives...

A Miraculous Escape
June 30, 2019

A Miraculous Escape

In Acts 12, Peter finds himself in jail yet again for his faith in Christ. It seems like the end of the road for him, but in the middle of the night an angel bust...