Jun 2020
Feature images for Revelation sermon series

Jesus is coming back! That’s a fact! God’s wrath is coming with him and Satan will be destroyed. The church will stand in the presence of God and celebrate God’s deliverance, like the Israelites of old! But, we must stay ready and on high alert for the Lord may return at any moment. Join us today as we move into chapter 15 and 16 of Revelation and unpack some incredible truths about the last days and the return of Christ!...

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A Church on the Move
June 09, 2019

A Church on the Move

Although various leaders sought to destroy the early Church, their persecution actually fueled its growth. Another factor was the impact of the Holy Spirit, which led a man named Phillip to have a rather incredible...

Big Announcement 2019
March 10, 2019

Big Announcement 2019

Pastor Joe talks about the importance of the word, “why” as it relates to the direction and motivation of New Life. He then answers a follow-up “what” and “how” question.