Thank you for expressing interest in the New Life Worship Choir. Our goal with the worship choir is to have an extension of the congregation on the stage in order to increase participation with the church during worship. This won’t be a “traditional” choir (robes, hymnals, choir rehearsals, cantatas, etc…). Instead, we would ask that you sing what you would normally sing if you were in the congregation.

The worship ministry at New Life (which includes the choir) utilizes three core values that direct how we do ministry, that are as follows:


Skill requires effort and is necessary for those who lead others in song.  “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Psalm 33:3. If you are called into a music ministry of some sort, we expect you to be honing your craft, whether through singing, or playing an instrument.


There is a passion that is entertaining, and there is a passion that causes people to draw near to God. Our worship team is made up of people who aren’t afraid to be passionate about their God from the stage. This type of passionate worship will draw others into a deeper relationship with God.


Our third core value is the knowledge of God. We believe that it is impossible to lead people to worship God without knowing Him through the scriptures. We expect all people in the worship ministry to have a relationship with God, and consistently seek to know Him more through prayer, the scriptures and private times of worship.


If you feel led to be a part of the worship choir, then the first step is to fill out the application below and we will get back with you within 1 week!