Who We Are

New Life Christian Church is a non-denominational church that shares a heritage with other churches using the name Christian or Church of Christ.  We use only the Bible in matters of doctrine, structure, and practice.

We see ourselves as “Not the only Christians, but simply striving to be Christians only.”

We are a free and independent church.  There is no denominational hierarchy over us.  We are self-governed and determine our own affairs under the leadership of Jesus Christ whom we regard as the head of the church. Jesus Christ is the true source of all that New Life is and does.

Our goal as a church is to expand God’s Kingdom and help everyone become fully engaged followers of Jesus Christ.”

Glorifying God is the objective of every action, function, and motive of this body of believers.  He has provided His thoughts and direction in the Bible, the inspired word of God. Our desire is to be the church today as it was designed to be according to the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament.