“Dateable” Student Sermon Series


About This Series:

Our new four-week series for New Life Students is titled DATEABLE. This series hinges on the fact that we all want to be desired, liked, attractive, and ultimately dateable. This is not a series to promote dating but rather a series to embrace dating. Throughout the next four weeks we will discuss: Why to date, the importance of face to face interactions and the effects of sexting in today’s culture, the qualities we want in others and how we too must display those qualities…along with self image and self-esteem, and finally the big top of sex and how God’s “no” is actually because he has a much greater “yes” in store for us! I hope you are ready to be DATEABLE.

Week 4: About This Sermon:

About This Sermon: This week I interview one of our seniors about a relationship that crossed boundaries. The whole idea this week is that Gods “YES” are much greater than his “NO.”

Week 3: About This Sermon:

The entire premise of this week’s sermon is that BECOMING someone is greater than FINDING someone. We all long and desire to find that perfect person in this world, but what if we aren’t the person they are searching for? This week, we interview two of our high school students who are dating, about BECOMING and some of the realities of dating!

Week 2: About This Sermon:

In week two of our DATEABLE series we are looking at the importance of face to face. Face to face conversations and relationships are something, that with technology, have decreased and even become awkward for some people. The use of social media has changed the way we think, communicate and even date.

*During the sermon you will hear a few sounds and some volume changes, because the first half of the sermon was done via FaceTime from another room and the end of the sermon was done face to face.

Week 1: About This Sermon:

Tonight’s sermon was to discuss the very foundation of dating… why do we want to date? Throughout the night we discuss some of the negatives and positives of wanting to date. As we open the book of Mark we see that Jesus calls us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” This is the foundational verse for all relationships and tonight we are going to apply it to dating.

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