Construction Begins After Easter!

If you have recently started coming to New Life, then you may not be aware that last fall, we launched an exciting one-year long campaign called “Fearless Generosity.” This was a fund-raising campaign aimed to raise enough money to remodel our sanctuary and pay off the remaining balance of our debt (which at the time was roughly $275,000). I am very happy to announce that since giving began towards this one year endeavor, our debt has been reduced to $250,000, and giving has been so faithful that we are now able to launch right into phase 1 of our remodel! (Somebody say “Amen!”)

As you might recall from previous communication letters, the complete remodel of the sanctuary has been divided into three phases. Each phase will commence as the money committed is given:
  • Phase 1: All work related to electrical, ceiling, & house lighting.
  • Phase 2: All work related to the new sound system, projection, screens, & stage lighting.
  • Phase 3: All work related to painting, carpet, & finishing detail work.
I have described each of these phases pretty broadly for the sake of this letter. As you can probably imagine, there is much involved. I’m just trying to share with you the general scope of each phase. If you would like more details, give me a call. I’d be happy to tell you all about them!
Phase 1 is slated to begin the week after Easter. Due to construction needs, we will be closing the sanctuary and moving our worship services to the atrium. We are expecting this phase of construction to last 4-6 Sundays. Yes, this move to the atrium is a short-term inconvenience, but at the same time, how awesome is it that we have a facility that can accommodate us to worship in another part of our building. God is good!

When we move to the atrium, the worship times will remain the same (8:30am, 10am & 11:30am). Obviously, the atrium will not accommodate as many people as our sanctuary will. Currently our 1st & 2nd services are pleasantly full and there is plenty of room in our 3rd service. Based on the attendance patterns of our services now, it’s clear that 1st & 2nd service is too large for the atrium, but not for our 3rd service.

So, here’s what I’d like to request: Would some of you who currently attend either 1st or 2nd service be willing to make the 3rd service (11:30am) your service of choice during construction? We need to evenly spread ourselves out over these three services in order for this to work well.
Along with intentionally spreading ourselves out evenly over our three worship services, we are also adding a video venue option to each service. When I say video venue, I mean that we will have a “live” video feed from the atrium to the green room each service. We are doing this in order to create more seating opportunities each service. This video venue will be identical to the worship service in the atrium, except that, participation will be via live stream in a separate room. This is a good option to accommodate overflow.

Here’s what I believe: I believe that we will continue to see many first-time guests and growth in our congregation during phase 1 of construction. Phase 1 will begin right after Easter, which is traditionally a growth season for churches. So, as best as we can, let’s be sensitive to the needs of those who are coming to our church for the first time and ensure that they get a good seat in the atrium. They are our guests. Even during construction, we can continue to make a great first impression. Some of you may choose the video venue for that very purpose. You pray about it and follow your heart!

As I said earlier, since we launched our Fearless Generosity campaign back in October, giving as been very faithful! So much so, that here we are, not even half way through the one-year campaign and we are able to completely pay for phase 1 (which by the way, is the most expensive phase). Not only that, but because of your generosity, we are getting close to being able to completely pay for phase 2 as well! My prayer is that we will be able to start phase 2 immediately following the completion of phase 1. Again, we’re not quite there yet financially for phase 2, but we’re getting close.

Thank you for your fearless generosity! It’s been remarkable. If you made a monthly commitment and are in a position to finish off your pledge early, that would be incredible. If not, that’s ok too! If God has blessed you recently in a financial way and you’d like to contribute more, that would be amazing. If you are new to New Life, and weren’t around when we started the campaign, but would like to contribute now, we’d be extremely grateful. Any added resources now will accelerate the completion of phase 2 & 3. Not only that, but it will move us closer to that incredible day of debt freedom. It’s not that far off! Thanks in advance for praying about these things.

See you Sunday!

Joe Williams

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