Amazing First Sunday as New Life

We had an amazing first Sunday as New Life Christian Church. I was so pleased with how everything came together on Sunday. We still need to tweak a few things, but overall our jump to three services went smoothly. I want to thank our staff and many amazing volunteers who, for several months now, have been working diligently so that the launch to three services could happen. They did an incredible job! The best highlight for me however, was the four baptisms. New Life in Christ is what it is all about!

I mentioned this on Sunday, but also wanted to say something about it here as well. On Sunday January 24th, Frontline from Ozark Christian College will be leading us in worship. Frontline is the traveling worship band from the college that Matt Stafford (our guest worship leader from Sunday) leads. They’ll travel to Bella Vista and set up on Saturday the 23rd. If you’d like to open up your home and host a couple of the members of the group that night (23rd), please let us know by replying to the email. By hosting, you’d be providing a couple of college students a place to sleep for one night.

I’m excited to share with you also that the church is getting a new website! This new website has been in the works for several months and is in partnership with our new logo and name change. We are hopeful that our new website will be live within the next week or so. The church will also have a new URL.

With the new website coming, we are also evaluating and adjusting our approach to social media. The “InsideNewLife” Facebook group won’t be active for much longer. Instead, I would like to point you to the main New Life page on Facebook. (Click here) This page includes regular updates, announcements, information, pictures, videos, and many other features that relate to our church body. It is also a great place to point your friends to who are looking for a church! Check it out!

These are great days to be a part of New Life Christian Church, and the best is yet to come!


Joe Williams

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